We make ‘the dentists’ a happy place for your child

Within paediatric dentistry we often treat children with a range of highly complex conditions, whether health or diet-related. Making children feel comfortable in the clinical environment is of the utmost importance, which is why we make it a priority at Sydney Specialist Dental Group.

We strive to position ourselves as your child’s ‘Dental Home’ – a place where they feel safe, and which becomes their familiar environment in which to learn about caring for their teeth from a young age. By doing so, we can help to prevent early childhood issues and lay the foundations for optimal oral health throughout their lives.

Dr Diane Tay and her specialist team not only provide preventative and restorative care, but are also highly skilled in treating medically compromised children and adolescents.

At SSDG you can rest assure that your child’s dental wellbeing is in safe hands.

Dental trauma

Dental trauma is when teeth get damaged in an accident, and can occur in kids of all ages. At SSDG we have the skills to manage paediatric dental emergencies and to make your child feel calm.

Anxious children

The team at SSDG have expertise in managing dental anxiety in children, and in helping parents reduce this anxiety to levels that enable the child to visit the dental practice.

Medically compromised

Children with medical conditions that affect their ability to receive dental treatment are referred to as 'medically compromised'. At SSDG we take extra care of these patients.

Preventive dental care

As soon as babies develop their first teeth, it's important to keep the teeth healthy. At SSDG, we work with you and you child to establish healthy habits and good dental care routines to prevent decay.

Treatment under happy gas

The use of nitrous oxide in paediatric dentistry is a common way of delivering dental care in a compassionate and appropriate manner for young children. Happy gas can help calm anxious children when under going treatment.

Restorative dental care

Fixing damaged or missing teeth are some of the procedures that dentists undertake to keep the teeth and mouth functioning as it should. This may involve the use of fillings, crowns and root canal treatment and pulp therapy.

Dental extractions

The removal of a tooth is known as extraction. If a tooth is decayed, severely damaged, misshapen or have issues with the dental roots, it may need to be removed with a simple procedure under local anaesthetic.

General anaesthesia

The general anaesthetic is a short day procedure completed in a hospital with excellent paediatric and dental facilities. For children who find it difficult in the dental chair, we can perform procedures under general anaesthesia.


Making them feel right at home

At Sydney Specialist Dental Group we combine professionalism, care and comfort to remove any worries you or your child may have. 

Paediatric dentist Specialist care

Our paediatric dental specialists have a wealth of experience treating children, including those with anxiety or additional needs

Professional and quality dental service

Our team of dental specialists continually update their skills and training to deliver your child the best possible care and outcomes

Private health insurance accepted

We work with private health funds to enable more young people to receive the high level of dental care they require

Your children's safety is our top priority

Above all else, we strive to ensure the safety and comfort of all our young patients throughout every procedure

Dental care for kids with additional needs

Sydney Specialist Dental Group is an additional needs dentistry practice where everyone is welcomed with a big smile!

We are passionate about our work, and our practitioners are highly trained to effectively treat  children with a wide range of additional needs. Whether your child has developmental, physical, emotional, cognitive and/or sensory needs, we have the skills to make dental procedures as stress-free as possible.

With a wealth of experience in compassionately treating kids with additional needs, our Specialist Paediatric Dentists and Oral Health Therapist are committed to delivering the same high standard of dental care to every single patient.

Patients with cerebral palsy….can present with cognitive rather than mental and physical challenges that can impact on their oral health care.

Children and adults with cerebral palsy can have some unique and additional dental health needs. Maintaining daily oral care might also be more challenging. Our team have the skills and knowledge to provide you with strategies to simplify teeth cleaning and maintaining good oral care for your child.

Before the first visit to our clinic it’s essential that we receive a medical history that is both accurate and current. This will give us time to review the patient’s situation before the appointment, and we can make informed decisions on how to best treat and manage their oral health.

In many cases, children who cannot control or coordinate their facial muscles find it difficult to chew and swallow; drooling and the inability to empty food pouches after a meal is common, and brushing and flossing their teeth and rinsing their mouths may be difficult. In these circumstances plaque can form on the teeth which in time can cause tooth decay.

Our surgery is wheel-chair friendly to your family’s ease and comfort. It is our mission to work together with you to ensure your visit to our clinic is a pleasant and anxiety-free experience.

Individuals with Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) can have more complex dental needs. Some common dental issues include: acid wear on teeth, mis-shapened teeth, missing teeth, issues with their bite (occlusion) and slower growth and eruption of teeth.

As each child is unique, they may require specialised care to ensure the best outcome for their teeth and oral health. We strive to understand their medical background and needs, even before they attend the appointment, to deliver safe and effective care.

The expertise and experience to care for your child's dental wellbeing

Making our young patients feel relaxed and comfortable is a priority for the specialists at SSDG.

Dr Diane Tay

Paediatric Dentist

Dr William Tang

Paediatric Dentist

Dr Sally Hibbert

Paediatric Dentist

Cheryl Bedford

Oral Health Therapist

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