Prevention is always the preferred option!

Our team of Dental Specialists’ diverse range of skills and expertise equip them to provide comprehensive and holistic oral health care to patients of all ages.

Our services include general dental maintenance and oral hygiene advice, because although we have the skills to treat a wide range of dental problems, our goal is to prevent you from having to use these services by helping you achieve fantastic dental health!

From general check ups and cleaning, to mouthguards and oral hygiene education for kids and adults alike, we’ll work with you to enhance, and maintain, your dental wellbeing.

Did you know that children should see a dentist by age one or when their first teeth come through? Baby teeth can decay too so preventing early childhood decay (or early childhood caries) is so important!

It’s best practice to book in for a dental check up and clean once or twice a year – even if you think that your teeth are fine and you haven’t been experiencing any particular issues with them.

By locking regular appointments into your calendar, any potential problems can be discovered early on, reducing the need for advanced procedures to be undertaken at a later date.

Remember: a half-hour visit a couple of times annually can save you a lot more time, expense and discomfort along the track!

One of the most important things that we can do for our children, and ourselves, is instil good dental hygiene practices.

Kids and adults alike are prone to eating and drinking foods and beverages that can both stain tooth enamel and promote decay.

By building healthy habits from a young age we can make good dental health second nature. Our oral hygiene education program uses a number of tools to establish great habits in the areas of cleaning and nutrition.

The aim of dental health promotion is to raise community awareness of the strategies and behaviours that can be adopted in order to prevent disease occurring in the teeth and mouth.

The overarching objective of dental health promotion, as opposed to the more individualised nature of oral hygiene education, is to improve and maintain population oral health. At SSDG we are dedicated to improving the lives of not only our patients, but also the wider community, through better dental wellbeing.

When a child begins to participate in contact sports and physical recreational activities, the risk of sustaining oral injuries increases significantly. A mouthguard can help prevent or lessen the severity of oral injuries such as fractures to the teeth or surrounding bone, or cuts to the tongue, lip or cheek.

A custom-fitted mouth guard tailored to your child’s activity is even more effective at preventing oral injury as it remains in the optimal position in his or her mouth. It is also more comfortable for the child when talking and breathing. Ask us about the use of mouthguards and the most suitable solution for your child. Our practice can provide a custom-fitted mouth guard tailored to your child’s needs.


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Delivering comprehensive dental care for both children and adults, Cheryl specialises in preventive oral health education and treatment planning, as well as nutritional and dietary counselling.

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