Special Needs Dentistry

Special Needs Dentistry is a dental speciality that supports people with special health care needs to optimise their oral health.

That means dental care specifically catering to your unique needs so that you receive a comfortable and safe dental experience. A Special Needs Dentist has done an additional three-year postgraduate degree after becoming a general dentist. That means they have advanced knowledge, understanding in line with the latest evidence and a specialised skill set to provide you with a unique and comprehensive dental experience.

Some patient groups we are experts in providing dental care for are those with:

We emphasise the importance of preventing oral disease, and we do it with a realistic understanding of any underlying medical conditions. We take a holistic approach to your dental care and aim to improve your general wellbeing, preserve your function, ability to smile and communicate pain-free. We appreciate the need to coordinate your care and are experts at involving your parents, carers and other treating medical professionals in your dental care.

Making them feel right at home

At Sydney Specialist Dental Group we combine professionalism, care and comfort to remove any worries you or your child may have. 

Special Needs Dentist care and support

Our Special Needs Dentist – Dr Malik has a wealth of experience treating patients, including those with anxiety or additional needs

Professional and quality dental service

Our team of dental practitioners continually update their skills and training to deliver your child the best possible care and outcomes

Private health insurance accepted

We work with private health funds to enable more young people to receive the high level of dental care they require

Your children's safety is our top priority

Above all else, we strive to ensure the safety and comfort of all our young patients throughout every procedure

Why see a Special Needs Dentist?


Seeing a special needs dentist at Sydney Specialist Dental Group (SSDG) offers several advantages for individuals with unique dental requirements. Special needs dentists possess specialised training and expertise in treating patients with physical, cognitive, or behavioural disabilities, ensuring they receive the necessary care and support.

Special needs dentists understand the specific challenges faced by individuals with special needs, such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or developmental delays. They create a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment, taking into account patients’ sensory sensitivities and communication needs.

By visiting SSDG, patients benefit from tailored treatment plans that accommodate their individual abilities and limitations. The dentists employ techniques to alleviate anxiety and use sedation if required to ensure a stress-free experience. Additionally, they possess the knowledge and skills to address oral hygiene difficulties commonly associated with special needs individuals.

Your new lifelong dental home – SSDG

Unlike other Special Needs Dentists currently in Sydney, at SSDG we understand the importance of maintaining your dental home once you become an adult. If you have had dental treatment with one of our fantastic paediatric dentists and are ready to see a specialist for your adult dental needs, our Special Needs Dentist can continue to see you at the practice for all your adult dental services – lifelong!

Alternatively, if you are new to the practice – we welcome you to experience our unique services:

If you have any queries regarding whether your specific needs can be met, please get in touch with our friendly team – it would be our pleasure to help and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Meet the SSDG Specialist

Dr Tay is passionate about comprehensive dental management for people with special healthcare needs, is a strong advocate for these patients and believes they should receive the highest quality dental care.

Dr Diane Tay

Paediatric Dentist

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